Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to creat a blog?

Firs of all you shoul know that it takes time to get money
but at the same time everyday you learn somthing new
It is very impotant to ask me for what ever you like
dont be shy to ask any question.
now we start
Step by Step Creating a blog
1-Creat an e mail in gmail
2-Write in the browser (url)
2- fill the the document or the application. (you should have a google e mail)
3-Once you fill the application you can enter your blog account
note (your blog,s name should end with .blog spot .com

4-When you are in your account press Creat a blog
5-Chose a templet
then start a blog
6-The page you see now is called a post
Write thr title
then write what ever you want to
Every time you want to add a post you enter your account then chose
We shall explain how to use the options above
Also how to make people visiting your blog
How to make a counter to see how many visitors you have
What is a visitor and what is pages views
you can ask any question